October 24, 2017Op-ed

Medium: 2017 #WhatWorks Reading List: Great Fall Reads on Evidence, Data and Results

Federal/Global/Local/Nonprofit/ Economic/ 2017/


What Matters: Investing in Results to Build Strong, Vibrant Communities
Federal Reserve Bank of SF, Nonprofit Finance Fund (2017)

Believe in Cities: In an Era of Post-truth Politics, Local Leaders Are Depending on Data to Solve Problems
James Anderson (US News and World Report)

The Moral Case for Evidence-Based Policymaking
Ruth Levine (The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation)

Is Your Agency Ready for New Evidence-Based Policy Tools?
Andrew Feldman and Robert Shea (GovExec)

Audacious Philanthropy: Lessons from 15 World-Changing InitiativesSusan Wolf Ditkoff and Abe Grindle (Harvard Business Review)

Policymaking Commission Offers a Glimmer of Hope in Hyper-partisan Washington
Peter Orszag and Jim Nussle (The Hill)

Sesame Street Isn’t Just for Affluent Kids
Gene Sperling (The Atlantic)

Bipartisanship Doesn’t Have to Be Boring
Michael Nutter and John Bridgeland (The Hill)

Social Innovation Comes to Pennsylvania Avenue
Monica Potts (Stanford Social Innovation Review)

Congress Is Flying Blind on Tax Reform
Ben Harris (The Hill)

Code Cracking: Why Is It So Hard to Make a Website for the Government?
Yiren Lu (New York Times Magazine)

What Happened to Teen Pregnancy Prevention? A Trump Budget Mystery
Robert Gordon (Democracy Journal)

How a Team of Social Scientists Is Bringing Data to DC Government
George Mocharko (Technical.ly DC)

‘America First’ Shouldn’t Mean Cutting Foreign Aid
Michael Gerson and Raj Shah (Washington Post)

Time to Recognize Innovation in City Governance
Simone Brody (The Hill)

Putting Citizenship Back in Congress
David Bornstein (New York Times)

On the Road to Smarter Cities: Three Challenges to Getting There
Zachary Markovits (Medium)

Paul Ryan and Patty Murray Get Credit for Bipartisan Policymaking
Maria Cancian, Robert Doar and Andrew Feldman (The Hill)

Evidence-Based Policymaking Is An Idea Whose Time Has Come
Nicole Truhe (Medium)

To Make Better Policy, We Need Better Access to Facts
Michele Jolin (Huffington Post)

The Story Behind Working in Local Government
Maia Jachimowicz (Medium)

In a World Ruled by Rumour, It Is Vital that Scientists Speak with Humility and Clarity
Sue Desmond-Hellmann (The Guardian)


The Promise of Evidence-Based Policymaking
Final Report of the Commission on Evidence-Based Policymaking (2017)

Unleashing the Power of Administrative Data: A Guide for Federal, State, and Local Policymakers
Robert Doar and Linda Gibbs, Results for America and the American Enterprise Institute (2017)

What Works Cities: How Local Governments Are Changing Lives
What Works Cities (2017)

Congress and Evidence-Based Policymaking
Bipartisan Policy Center (2017)

Straight Talk on Evidence
Laura and John Arnold Foundation Evidence-Based Policy Team (2017)

How States Engage in Evidence-Based Policymaking
Pew-MacArthur Results First Initiative (2017)

100+ Government Mechanisms for Advancing the Use of Data and Evidence in Policymaking: A Global Landscape Review
Results for All (an initiative of Results for America) (2017)

Using Data to Make More Rapid Progress in Addressing Difficult U.S. Social Problems
Jeffrey Liebman, Harvard Kennedy School Government Performance Lab (2017)

Putting Evidence at the Heart of Making Policy
MDRC (2017)

Leverage Points: Thirteen Opportunities for State Education Agencies to Use Their ESSA State Plans to Build and Use Evidence to Improve Student Outcomes
Results for America/Council of Chief State School Officers (2017)

Destination Unknown: Exploring the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Government
Centre for Public Impact (2017)

9 Ways to Make Federal Legislation Evidence-Based: 2017 What Works Guide for Congress
Results for America (2017)

Managing for Success: Strengthening the Federal Infrastructure for Evidence-Based Policymaking
The Forum for Youth Investment (2017)

ESSA Leverage Points: 64 Promising Practices from States for Using Evidence to Improve Student Outcomes
Results for America (2017)

Using Evidence in Scrutiny: A Practice Guide for Local Government Scrutiny
Centre for Public Scrutiny, SOLACE, Alliance for Useful Evidence (2017)


Clarence Wardell on Data, Policing and How to Foster Cities That Work
Interview with DeRay McKesson, Pod Save the People (2017)

A Primer on the Commission on Evidence-Based Policymaking’s Recommendations: An Interview with Nick Hart (BPC)
Gov Innovator Podcast (2017)

Analog Hacking in Louisville
Data Points Podcast — GovEx (2017)

Open Data with Purpose
Government Gone Digital Podcast (2017)

What Works Cities: Tackling Homelessness in Seattle
What Works Media Project (2017)

Visualizing Federal Spending Helps Everyone
Interview with Steve Ballmer on NBC News (2017)

Fighting Poverty with Data
NationSwell (2017)

‘A Year Up’ Is Redefining Talent in the 21st Century
Working Nation (2016)

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