Our Values



We build bridges across all levels of government and between government and core partners, across all aspects of data-driven, evidence-based policymaking that will deliver better results for residents.


We put ourselves in the shoes of government decision makers, and seek to  understand what they need, when and how in order to make better decisions.


We are nimble, responsive, flexible, and entrepreneurial to get results and engage with government decision makers to deliver value and meet the moment.



Mutual Respect

We treat others how we would want to be treated in a professional workplace, taking care of ourselves and each other.


We are curious and prioritize in ways that deliver the best results. Results are why we do this work.

Commitment to Excellence

We strive for excellence – not perfection – because the problems are big and our communities deserve it.


We leverage partnerships and build coalitions to create a community and maximize our impact.

Responsible Stewardship of Resources

We operate with integrity and recognize the trust that has been placed in us to deliver results.



Cross-team engagement

Strategic alignment

Work-life balance

Integrate Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in all we do


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