Racial Justice

Our Commitment to Advancing Racial Justice

Results for America has a unique responsibility to help government be a force for good and deliver better results for communities, for Black residents, and for all people of color by: using data to responsibly understand communities’ needs; continuously improving programs for all residents; using evidence to ensure those most in need are getting quality services; sharing what works between governments to speed problem-solving; and creating thriving communities of opportunity for all. At the center of making government a force for improving lives is the need to work with government partners to start to break down racist structures and systems that, if not dismantled, will continue to destroy communities everywhere.

To that end, Results for America commits to:

1. Ensuring that Results for America Builds a Team that is Diverse, Inclusive and Respects the Strengths and Experiences of All Team Members:
We will continue to scrutinize our own internal practices and policies to reduce bias and increase diversity, equity, and inclusion within Results for America;

2. Working with Government Partners to Understand and Identify Racist Structures and Seek to Close Racial Gaps in Outcomes:
We will work tirelessly with our government partners to identify and dismantle unjust practices, policies, programs, and systems that were intentionally built to produce racial inequity or unintentionally lead to disparate outcomes for communities of color;

3. Elevating Community Leaders and Local Partnerships:
We will elevate and amplify the voices of community leaders, particularly leaders of color. We will work with our government partners to act on the vision of local partnerships to align resources toward measurable progress and improved lives. We will work with government partners to ensure that government policies and programs are informed by lived-experience, and centered on resident needs; and

4. Focusing Governments on Creating Thriving Communities of Opportunity:
We will directly enlist government leaders at every level to use their resources and platforms to open opportunities for residents and address the deep racial divides in communities.

Amplifying Voices

Results for America is committed to elevating and amplifying the voices of community leaders, particularly leaders of color. We are inspired by the many community-based groups and evidence-driven organizations that are pursuing solutions to reduce police violence and reform our legal system. Here are just a few.