October 30, 2017Article

Centre for Public Impact: It’s all about the Results

by Dan Vogel

Federal/ Economic/ 2017/

What do you consider when you’re taking a decision? Do you weigh up the pros and cons? Do you see what others have done? Do you just trust your instinct? Maybe it’s all of the above.

What happens in government, though? On a daily or even hourly basis, politicians and public servants alike have to take decisions that potentially affect the lives of millions of people. How do they go about making a wise choice, one based on the latest metrics and evidence?

For the past five years, US policymakers have been able to call upon the myriad services of Results for America (RFA) to help them in such a quest. Set up by two former senior White House staffers, Michele Jolin and David Medina, it has quickly established itself as a bipartisan fixture on the Washington and national scene. Its mission is to encourage decision-makers at all levels of government to harness the power of evidence and data to solve our world’s greatest challenges.