March 30, 2021Policy Report

2021 Moneyball for Education Policy Recommendations

Education/ 2021/

final-report-cover-for-webGiven the urgent need to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, increase economic mobility, and ensure racial justice, it is more important than ever for education leaders at all levels of the PK-12 education system to embrace evidence and data to inform their day-to-day decision-making.

Results for America’s new report — Moneyball for Education Policy Recommendations — outlines a series of recommendations to advance the use of data, evidence, and evaluation to solve some of our nation’s most pressing education challenges. The specific actions are organized around the following five general recommendations:

  1. Revise and align the definition of “evidence-based.”
  2. Shift additional competitive and formula funding to evidence-based approaches.
  3.  Invest 1% of federal education program funds in evaluations.
  4. Build a larger and more-effective evaluation, research, and development infrastructure.
  5. Produce more-relevant, more-meaningful, and more-accessible data to support states, districts, and schools.

These recommendations, if implemented, could help make the most effective and most equitable use of all available resources to improve opportunities and outcomes for all students.