Through the Ed Lab, RFA will help state and local leaders implement the ground-breaking evidence provisions in the bipartisan Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), which was enacted in December, 2015. ESSA could help shift more than $2 billion annually in federal education funds towards evidence-based, results-driven solutions in each of the next four years (FY17-FY20).

ESSA gives states, school districts, and schools more opportunities to design their own educational systems. At the same time, ESSA also requires, allows, and encourages the use of evidence-based approaches that can help improve student outcomes. Our Ed Lab helps education leaders build and use evidence to improve student outcomes in the following ways:

Targeted States

As part of the Ed Lab, in early 2017, RFA will select 2-4 states and 2-4 of their school districts that are ready to tackle their most pressing challenges through better use of data and evidence, including robust implementation of the ESSA evidence provisions. Each state and district will engage in a 2-year, co-designed project with RFA and a team of evidence experts designed to build long-term capacity for using evidence in education.

All 50 States

As part of the Ed Lab, RFA will also conduct in-person and online briefings and develop numerous written materials designed to help all states and school districts use ESSA’s evidence provisions to help them solve their biggest challenges.

See our suite of resources that outline the potential and promise of ESSA’s evidence provisions to help state and local leaders improve K-12 education.