Access to quality employment is crucial for a healthy economy and healthy families and communities. The public workforce system exists to achieve this goal. To accomplish this, it is important to provide workers with jobs that offer safety, dignity, family-sustaining wages, and opportunities for professional growth.

Results for America’s Evidence in Workforce Lab (Work Lab) partners with workforce development leaders across all levels of government. We use direct technical assistance, educational public goods, and coalition building to ensure that public workforce funding leads to meaningful employment outcomes for workers across the country.

With the help of data and evidence-based practices, policymakers and practitioners can create powerful change in this field. Local, state, and federal governments have the ability to leverage millions of dollars of existing workforce funding annually to increase employment outcomes in their communities.

But not all workforce programming is built equally. Customized workforce goals require tailored programming, and by embedding data and evidence into procurement and program implementation, governments can promote accountable and effective programs that improve employment outcomes, economic stability, and community well-being.