Our Work

Investing in what works

Making Investing in What Works the "New Normal"

Results for America is helping decision-makers at all levels of government harness the power of evidence and data to solve our world's greatest challenges. Our mission is to make investing in what works the “new normal,” so that when government policymakers make decisions, they start by seeking the best evidence and data available, then use what they find to get better results. We accomplish this goal by: developing “standards of excellence” which highlight the government infrastructure necessary to be able to invest in what works; supporting policymakers committed to investing in what works; and enlisting champions committed to investing in what works.

Federal Policy

Working closely with federal policymakers to improve outcomes for young people, their families and communities

State Policy

Helping state policymakers harness the power of evidence and data to achieve better results for their residents

What Works Cities

Building the capacity of 100 mid-sized U.S. cities to better use data and evidence

Moneyball for Government

Encouraging governments at all levels to increase use of data and evidence when investing taxpayer dollars

Evidence in Education Lab

Helping education leaders build and use evidence of what works in order to improve student outcomes

Evidence in Workforce Lab

Driving federal, state, and local workforce funds toward evidence-based strategies