Results for All conducted a landscape review of the strategies and mechanisms – policies, programs, platforms, systems and operational practices – governments are using to advance the use of data and evidence in decision making. The review highlights key factors and enabling conditions for evidence-informed policymaking and identifies more than 100 strategies and mechanisms that are helping to promote the use of data and evidence in government policy and practice.

The review is based on a combination of literature reviews, an in-depth questionnaire, expert consultations, country visits and learnings from the Evidence Works 2016 forum in London.  It is accompanied by resource tables and related case studies on evidence-informed policymaking training in Ghanademographic dividend policies in Kenya, and a community safety strategy in Canada. The case studies aim to explore factors that contribute to evidence-informed policymaking in greater depth.

While the review found that many of the mechanisms and strategies governments are using to promote evidence-informed policymaking are relatively recent interventions, it showcases more than 100 promising approaches from countries across the globe. The accompanying resource tables will be updated as new information becomes available. We encourage you to share your examples and suggestions for improvement, and to come back to them often.

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