The Problem

Government policymakers need access to relevant, timely, and high quality evidence to address critical social and economic challenges, including poverty, inadequate access to education and health services, and inefficient energy distribution. Yet in many countries, governments face significant impediments to adopting and accelerating evidence use in policy and practice, for reasons that include:

  • Limited commitment from political leadership and champions at all levels of government;
  • Absence of clearly defined standards or incentives to drive performance and better outcomes;
  • Weak partnerships between the policy community and evidence producers;
  • Lack of timely and relevant evidence to assess and build consensus for policy and program choices;
  • Insufficient policymaker knowledge, skill, and motivation to find, appraise, synthesize, and use evidence routinely; and
  • Inadequate processes or structures to ensure routine evidence use in policy and practice.

Our Approach

To address these challenges, Results for All works collaboratively with government policymakers and their partners to identify and share practical solutions for institutionalizing evidence use in public policy and practice. We are focused on:

  • Enhancing the global knowledge base by highlighting the strategies, systems, processes, and practices governments are putting in place to advance evidence use;
  • Developing tools and resources to support policymakers;
  • Building innovative partnerships and networks to share experiences and solutions; and
  • Accelerating government demand for evidence by mobilizing global leaders and champions. 

Our Current Activities


Open Call for Applications 
for fully-funded participation in:

Using Evidence to Improve Policy Implementation
A Peer Learning Workshop
July 23-25, 2018

Deadline for applications: May 14, 2018 via email to
 Download the application and apply here.

The Workshop:

Results for All and the African Institute for Development Policy (AFIDEP) will host a two-and-a-half-day workshop for policymakers from around the world to:

  • Discuss the challenges governments face in effectively implementing policies; and
  • Share experiences and strategies for using evidence to improve policy implementation.

The workshop will:

  • Facilitate dialogue, exchange, and active engagement among participants, to more deeply understand policy implementation challenges and lessons learned in different contexts; and
  • Introduce tools and approaches for improving implementation using various types of evidence.

Learn more and apply here.


Assessing the Demand for a Global Evidence Network

Results for All is currently working with government policymakers and partners to explore the role that a global evidence network or platform could play in helping government policymakers to address the challenges they face in advancing evidence use across policies and sectors.

Learn more about this effort here.

See our past activities here.

Results for America, a nonprofit organization based in Washington, D.C., is helping decision-makers at all levels of government harness the power of evidence to address our world’s greatest challenges. Our mission is to make investing in what works the “new normal,” so that when policymakers make decisions, they start by seeking the best evidence available, then use what they find to get better results. Results for America works with governments at the local, state, and federal levels in the United States, and launched Results for All to collaborate with governments policymakers from around the world.