2013-10-9-mfg-square-logoSince 2013, we’ve created a bipartisan Moneyball for Government All-Star team that includes more than 270 local, state, national, academic, and nonprofit leaders who support our Moneyball for Government Principles.

Too often, policymakers rely on gut instinct, or worse, special interests, when deciding how to invest taxpayer dollars. At a time when our nation is facing enormous social and economic shifts, budget constraints at all levels of government, an increasingly competitive workforce and growing demand for government services, young people, their families and communities are especially vulnerable.

In the era of impact-blind, across-the-board budget cuts, how do we get government to make better decisions and get better results with existing resources? We get government to play Moneyball!

Government can make better use of data and evidence to get more impact out of public resources. Government can drive taxpayer dollars to programs that demonstrate success, and away from those that fail. That’s Moneyball for Government.

Over the last several years, local, state and federal elected officials, along with many in the nonprofit and business communities, have taken critical first steps to ensure that taxpayer dollars are invested in solutions that use evidence and data to demonstrate better results – but more must be done.

Spending decisions must be based on how our money can be used most effectively in order to solve long-term challenges. Together we can bring Moneyball to government and get better Results for America.