results-for-all-logo_full_color_white-bgGovernments around the world are building capacity to use data and evidence to inform policy, budget and management decisions, and ultimately improve the welfare of their populations. They are taking different approaches to accelerating the pace and reach of evidence-informed policy and practice – developing explicit mechanisms and creating broader strategies that support the use of data and evidence in policymaking.

Despite the increased availability of data and evidence in many countries, however, the pace at which evidence-informed policymaking (EIP) is being adopted as a regular practice by governments is still too slow and the reach is not sufficiently broad. Reasons often include a lack of resources, limited technical capability, lack of political will or external pressure, and an absence of clearly defined processes or systems to support sharing and use of data and evidence.

Results for All seeks to build knowledge and gain a deeper understanding of what governments are doing to promote EIP and to bring together policymakers, practitioners and experts around the world together to learn from each other and share practical tools and actionable information to accelerate the adoption of data- and evidence- driven policy and practice.

Our Work:

In September 2016 Results for All hosted the first ever Evidence Works 2016: A Global Forum for Government in partnership with Nesta’s Alliance for Useful Evidence. Participants from more than 40 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, North America, Europe and Australasia participated in the inaugural event. Following the convening a Summary Report on the forum was issued, which details the discussions and recommendations of the participants.

Results for All has also undertaken a landscape review to document and better understand the strategies and mechanisms – policies, policies, programs, platforms, systems and operational practices – governments are using to advance the use of data and evidence in decision making. The review showcases over 100 promising strategies and mechanisms and is designed to promote a sharing of country experiences around efforts to institutionalize the use of data and evidence in policy and practice.

For updates on our work and EIP initiatives around the world, please visit our “Evidence in Action” blog.