What Works Bootcamps

screen-shot-2021-05-18-at-10-13-53-amThe National Governors Association and Results for America have hosted a series of What Work Bootcamps to convene senior leaders in governors’ offices to advance the use of evidence and data in order to improve results. Previous Bootcamps were hosted in August 2019October 2019March 2020,  July 2020October 2020April 2021, and June 2021.

Distinct from other training programs that focus on narrower technical or policy areas with mid-level staff in governors’ offices or at agencies, the Bootcamps equip top state decisionmakers with the high-level tools they need to improve enterprise-wide performance and to use data and evidence to achieve their governors’ highest priorities. At each convening, Bootcamp participants connect with national leaders on evidence-based policy while also fostering a peer-learning approach that facilitates sharing of best practices and common challenges.

The main objectives of the What Works Bootcamp sessions are to help senior state government leaders:

  • Learn about ways to improve government’s results: Learn how to increase results-driven governing from the State Standard of Excellence and thought leaders.
  • Build the field of evidence-based policy: Develop and share resources to advance the work of state governments.
  • Learn about innovative ideas: Learn about the cutting edge trends that are shaping the future of public policy.