March 11, 2013Op-ed

Washington Examiner: Washington Can also Learn to Spend Smarter

by John Bridgeland

Federal/ Economic/ 2013/

Washington has a spending problem. But the hollow debates over fixing it avoid the more complex but important issue — namely, whether taxpayer dollars are actually supporting programs that work, and whether failing programs are getting the axe.

The budget impasse between Congress and the president has produced unwise across-the-board cuts to federal programs and agencies without regard to the needs of our citizens. This approach, fueled by Washington partisanship, is not working, and the political posturing on both sides is hurting our economy and people.

America is falling behind other countries in educating its people, meeting the demands of its workforce and enabling more Americans to climb the ladder of opportunity. In that context, we cannot afford to continue putting billions into federal programs without knowing if they produce results. We must create a smarter government that is a better steward of taxpayer funds, committed to investing only in what works and yielding maximum results.