October 13, 2015Op-ed

Salt Lake Tribune: Op-ed: Utah’s Pay for Success is a Model Ready for Federal Funding

by Orrin Hatch and Kem Gardner

Federal/State/ Education/ 2015/

As a pioneer in Pay-for-Success approaches to policy challenges, Utah has engineered innovative programs to save taxpayer money and facilitate public-private partnerships. Following the principles of results-based financing, our state has even developed the world’s very first Pay-for-Success initiative to fund early childhood education. This initiative — known as the Utah High Quality Preschool Program — gives children the foundation needed to excel academically.

Providing high-quality preschool education is a proven strategy to ensure children start school ready to learn. As children begin their education better prepared to succeed, they are more likely to achieve higher test scores and less likely to need special education as they progress through school. With fewer students requiring remedial services, both schools and taxpayers will save money. By using the Pay-for-Success model to fund early childhood education, we are not only improving academic outcome; we are investing in our economy by preparing the students of today for the workforce of tomorrow.