August 23, 2018Article

Route Fifty: National League of Cities Launches Data Education Partnership

by Kate Elizabeth Queram

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The National League of Cities is partnering with a Bloomberg Philanthropies group to offer cities access to data and statistics that can help with targeted problem-solving and services.

Through the organization’s NLC University initiative, an educational and professional development program, member cities can participate in a workshop series on “foundational data practices that build effective local governments.” The series will be offered through a partnership with Results For America, a nonprofit initiative linked to What Works Cities “that helps cities use data and facts to tackle their most pressing challenges and improve residents’ lives,” according to a news release.

The partnership will host programs at several events in the next year, including the 2018 City Summit in Los Angeles and the 2019 Congressional City Conference in Washington D.C. NLC University will offer five courses to help cities build data skills. Topics include community and economic development and learning to explain “data-informed government” to staff and members of the public. NLC members can view and enroll in those here.

“Leaders set the agenda for progress in their cities,” Simone Brody, executive director of What Works Cities, said in a statement. “Data and evidence best practices help cities clearly define problems and develop impactful solutions so that leaders can solve problems and effectively run cities. We’re excited to partner with NLC to help leaders build the skills needed to fully embrace data-driven governance and make the journey from commitment to results.”