October 15, 2019Event Recap

RFA Releases the 2019 Invest in What Works State Standard of Excellence

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On October 4, Results for America and the National Governors Association held an event for the national release of the 2019 Invest in What Works State Standard of Excellence (State Standard of Excellence). In the 2019 State Standard of Excellence, Results for America identified 125 leading and promising practices, policies, programs, and systems for using evidence and data that were in effect as of June 2019 in 33 state governments.

The event highlighted the efforts of all these state governments to use evidence and data to achieve better outcomes and increase economic mobility for their residents. Specifically, the event recognized five states that are leading the way with their building and use of evidence and data: Colorado, Minnesota, Oregon, Utah, and Washington. Results for America also recognized three Rising Star States, which have significantly increased their data-driven and evidence-based efforts: Maryland, Nevada, and North Carolina.

A panel of state government officials discussed the innovative ways that state governments are using evidence, data and evaluation in their management, budget, and policy decisions. These leaders highlighted how states are investing in what works to improve outcomes for their residents of their states. The panel featured:
  • Courtney Arbour, Workforce Division Director, Texas Workforce Commission
  • Inger Brinck, Director, Results Washington, Washington Governor’s Office
  • Heather Boughton, Director, Office of Research, Evaluation & Advanced Analytics, Ohio Department of Education
  • Gabby Lamarre, Title I Director and Federal Liaison, Nevada Department of Education
  • Hana Sayeed, Operations Manager, Colorado Governor’s Office
  • Moderator: Cecilia Muñoz, Co-Chair RFA State Standard of Excellence Advisory Committee; Former Director of the White House Domestic Policy Council and Director of Intergovernmental Affairs (Obama Administration)
Other speakers included:
  • Tim Blute, Interim Director, NGA Center for Best Practices, National Governors Association
  • David Medina, Co-Founder and COO, Results for America
  • Jed Herrmann, Vice President, State and Federal Policy Implementation, Results for America
  • Sara Kerr, Vice President, Education Policy Implementation, Results for America
  • Celeste Richie, Vice President, Workforce Development, Results for America
  • Alexandra Cawthorne Gaines, Program Director Economic Opportunity Division, National Governors Association

Selected coverage of the 2019 State Standard of Excellence:

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