May 1, 2014Event Recap

Results for America 2014 Convening: “What Next Steps are Required to Get Government to Play Moneyball?”

Federal/Local/Nonprofit/ 2014/

Results for America Convening

Washington D.C.

Welcoming Remarks

Michele Jolin, Managing Partner, Results for America & Shivam Mallick Shah, Senior Adviser, Results for America

Opening Keynote Remarks

Where are We Now? Progress, Trends and Opportunities in Federal Government

Gene Sperling, White House former Director, National Economic Council

Opening Keynote Panel

“What makes the window of opportunity we see today different than in the past?” Reflections on keynote remarks from former government leaders

Featuring: Ron Klain, former Chief of Staff to the Vice President; Jim Nussle (R-IA), former Director OMB; Kevin Madden, JDA Frontline

Break Out Session: Cities to Watch

With partisan gridlock in DC, many believe the federal government can’t make the progress required to play Moneyball fast enough.  Yet at the same time, cities across the country are making great strides. What best practices re:data, evidence and evaluation are emerging from cities that can inform Federal practice?

Featuring: Ben Hecht, Living Cities; Suzanne Biemiller, City of Philadelphia; Bob Cenname, City of Baltimore; Sophie Dagenais, Annie E. Casey Foundation; Matt Segneri, Bloomberg Philanthropies; Mindy Tarlow, City of New York

Break Out Session: Nonprofits

“Building the Farm Team” Are there enough nonprofit organizations developing the rigorous data, evidence and evaluation necessary to enable the government to play Moneyball?  How do we “lift” the rigor of the sector?

Featuring: Kelly Fitzsimmons & Edna McConnell, Clark Foundation; Daniel Cardinali, Communities in Schools; Tripp Jones, New Profit Inc.; John Martinex, MDRC; Dorothy Stoneman, Youthbuild

Break Out Session: Pay for Success

There has been enormous momentum in the last several years for Pay for Success. What next steps are required to fulfill the promise of this tool? What are the most important opportunities? Most critical barriers?

Featuring: Jeff Liebman, Harvard University; Jonathan Greenblatt, White House; Tracy Palandijan, Social Finance; Andrea Phillips, Goldman Sachs; Molly Baldwin, Roca Inc.

Break Out Sessions Report

Articulation of next steps following summary and broad group reflections

Facilitated by Jeffrey Bradach, The Bridgespan Group

Closing Keynote Panel

“What Lessons From Innovation Funds can be Applied to Larger Sized Federal Dollars?” How are agencies adopting new processes or protocols? What else can be done?

Featuring:  Daniel Stid, Hewlett Foundation; Nadya Dabby, US Dept of Education; Aviva Aron-Dine, OMB; Michael Brown, City Year; Carla Javits, REDF; Robert Slavin, Success for All

Closing Keynote Remarks

Government Support for Innovation and Scaling

Introduction by Jon Schnur, America Achieves
Remarks by Jim Shelton, Deputy Secretary, US Dept. of Education