August 21, 2020Policy Report

The Power of Evidence and Data to Advance an Equitable Economic Recovery

Federal/ 2020/


Results for America’s The Power of Evidence and Data to Advance an Equitable Economic Recovery: An Implementation Guide for the 2020 OMB Transition Team outlines how the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) can use evidence-based policy to advance economic mobility at the scale our country needs through a 2021 recovery package and beyond. This implementation guide is designed to help either a new administration or the second term of the current administration harness the power of evidence and data to help advance economic mobility for all individuals, particularly all low-income individuals and people of color.

Our memo, which draws from the ideas in our 2020 Playbook, focuses on:

  • Describing evidence-based policymaking in the current federal landscape;
  • Proposing how OMB can best prioritize evidence and data within a transformative economic recovery package in early 2021;
  • Outlining how OMB can promote innovation, continuous improvement, and the replication of proven solutions through strategic evidence building plans; and
  • Offering questions the transition team should embed in agency reviews.