October 7, 2016Op-ed

Medium: Ten Questions Every Presidential Candidate Should answer on What Works

by Results for America

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As the Presidential race enters its final month, we need to hear more from both candidates about how the will increase the impact of Federal funding and invest in programs that deliver results and improve lives.

We must evaluate federal policies and shift resources toward those programs that help improve outcomes for our families and our communities, while decreasing funds for programs that don’t consistently deliver results. In an era of constrained fiscal resources, it has never been more important to invest in what works.

We’re asking the 2016 Presidential Candidates 10 questions about their commitment to invest in what works.

We’re asking the 2016 Presidential Candidates 10 questions about their commitment to invest in what works.

  1. Will you pledge to build on the work of Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama in using data and evidence to drive policy and funding decisions?
  2. Will you instruct the heads of your Cabinet Agencies to use data and evidence to accelerate progress on our nation’s great challenges?
  3. As President, how will you use data and evidence to improve outcomes for young people, their communities, and families?
  4. Do you believe that investing in programs that consistently deliver measurable results will help bridge political divides and move the nation past partisanship?
  5. Do you support #ESSA leveraging, social innovation funds, i3 programs, and evidence-based provisions to improve educational outcomes?
  6. How will you use data to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of federal programs?
  7. Will you commit to increasing funding for federal policies and programs that achieve their desired outcomes and decreasing funding for programs that do not?
  8. Do you support setting aside one percent — or a penny on the dollar — to evaluate the effectiveness of policies your administration puts in place to ensure that government is investing in programs that work?
  9. What does the federal government have to learn from city leaders about investing in programs with a proven track record of success?
  10. What policies will you put in place to encourage innovation in the federal government?

Do you believe that it is essential we have a President who is committed to invest in what works? Do you have your own ideas for a question the candidates should answer? Post your questions to ABC and CNN’s Facebook to encourage the debate moderators to ask about this important topic. Additionally, you can share questions on PresidentialOpenQuestions.com and vote to have your question reviewed by ABC and CNN. Use #DebateWhatWorks and #Debates2016 to join the conversation.