May 15, 2013Op-ed

Markets For Good: The Rising Tide of Evidence-Based Solutions

by Michele Jolin

Federal/ Economic/Workforce Training/ 2013/

Recently, Results for America joined with The Hamilton Project to host a wide-ranging discussion on the importance of using evidence and data to inform policy and funding decisions. We brought together those who are doing the hard work in communities with those who are in charge of crafting policies at the local and federal levels. At the event, leaders from both parties, and from both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue, called for greater use of evidence in crafting social policies and improving outcomes for young people, families and their communities.

Too often, issues are divided by politics, but during our discussions in April, partisanship gave way to agreement on the importance of working together to confront the challenges facing our country.

Over the next decade, America will face enormous social and economic shifts driven by global competition, an aging population and budget constraints at all levels of government. Young people will be vulnerable to these pressures at a time when we need to be preparing them for lifelong success.