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Evaluation Policy Guide

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Government leaders are increasingly looking for opportunities to better support residents through policies that deliver results. To assist in this effort, Results for America is equipping state and local leaders with a first-of-its-kind Evaluation Policy Guide. In this new resource, you’ll find the best elements and key lessons learned from federal, state and local government policies that encourage and shape the use of evidence to improve the impact of government spending.

Many governments in recent years have embraced evidence-based policymaking as a reliable strategy to drive equitable outcomes. This Guide empowers more policymakers to use this approach, improve community engagement and better measure their impact.

After using the Evaluation Policy Guide, government leaders will have a blueprint for developing an evaluation policy that drives their budgeting decisions, and department policies and management. No matter where you are in building your evaluation capacity, the Guide has everything you need to facilitate your team’s evaluation journey from start to finish. Access each chapter, a workbook, as well as the full guide below.

Join the wave of government leaders investing in policies that make lives better, building trust with residents, and strengthening communities!

Download the Full Guide