March 28, 2017Article

CityLab: In Search of the Smartest City

by Linda Poon

Local/ What Works Cities/ 2017/

Cities talk a lot about harnessing big data, but their efforts vary widely. Some, like New York CityColumbus, and Kansas City, Missouri, have emerged as leaders in using data to tackle issues surrounding transportation, inequality, and health, while others like Anchorage, Alaska, are just starting to mine theirs. All would benefit from more guidance; the more experienced cities need to know they’re on the right track and the newcomers could use a roadmap of best practices.

That’s why Bloomberg Philanthropies is introducing a new certification initiative that aims to set the national standard for how local governments enact evidence-based policies. Think of it as a Good Housekeeping Seal, or LEED certification, but for data-smart cities.