Standards of Excellence

2022 Invest in What Works State Standard of Excellence: Call for Updates

State/ Child Health/Child Welfare/Development/Economic/Education/Housing/ 2022/

Results for America’s Invest in What Works State Standard of Excellence (State Standard of Excellence) showcases data-driven, evidence-based practices, policies, programs, and systems used by state governments to invest taxpayer dollars in what works.

The 2022 Invest in What Works State Standard of Excellence is an opportunity for states to earn national recognition for their efforts to improve results for residents and to assess their on-going capacity for leveraging data and evidence in budget, policy, and management decisions. It also provides a roadmap for how states can strengthen their building and using of evidence and data.

In April 2022, Results for America launched the 2022 State Standard of Excellence submission process. This year, Results for America invites all states to participate by updating their examples featured in 2021. States also have the opportunity to submit new examples for criteria, but it is not required.

Further, states are encouraged to nominate grant programs that define and prioritize evidence in a new Results for America honor roll. This recognition gives states and their agencies the opportunity to demonstrate how their investments through grants and contracts are designed to get better results for communities and residents.

States will have an opportunity to review final content before it is released in the 2022 State Standard of Excellence, which will be launched in fall 2022.

Instructions and guidelines can be found here. Please contact Results for America’s state government team at [email protected] if you would like to learn more about the State Standard of Excellence program.