Session 3

2020 Ideas for Increasing Opportunity

Increasing economic opportunity is the challenge of our time and a frequent topic in the 2020 presidential race. Achieving real impact, however, means figuring out what works to improve mobility and then doing more of it.

In this session, leading political strategists and policy experts from both parties will highlight how presidential campaigns can and should use data and evidence to point the way toward solutions that help accelerate economic mobility in America.


  • Karen Finney, CNN Political Commentator, Former Senior Advisor to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign (Bio)
  • Kevin Madden, Arnold Ventures, Former Senior Advisor for Mitt Romney’s 2008 and 2012 campaigns, Results for America Senior Fellow (Bio)
  • Bruce Reed, Former Chief of Staff to Vice President Joe Biden, Results for America Senior Fellow (Bio)
  • Moderator: Jim Shelton, Blue Meridian Partners, Former Deputy U.S. Secretary of Education (Obama) (Bio)


2020 Playbook: 17 Ways the Next President Can Accelerate Economic Mobility Using Evidence and Data
How to Bet Big on the American Dream (The Atlantic)
What Are the Presidential Candidates Saying about Poverty and Opportunity? (Brookings Institution)