October 3, 2019 Press Releases

Results for America Releases 2020 Playbook for Accelerating Economic Mobility

Bipartisan Roadmap Highlights 17 Ways the Next President Can Increase Opportunity for Children, Families and Communities By Harnessing the Power of Evidence and Data

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Results for America released its 2020 Playbook: 17 Ways the Next President Can Accelerate Economic Mobility Using Evidence and Data – a resource for presidential campaigns that includes 17 evidence-based, results-driven policy proposals the next Administration should implement to expand opportunity all across the country and to make the federal government more effective and efficient. 

According to a recent poll conducted by NORC at the University of Chicago, 89 percent of Americans think policymakers should seek out the best evidence when putting their policies in place. The poll also found that 86 percent would be more likely to back a candidate who shifts funding toward programs that are proven to work. 

Since 2015, Congress has passed bipartisan legislation that is helping identify and invest in what works in K-12 education (the Every Student Succeeds Act), foster care (the Family First Prevention Services Act), juvenile justice (the Juvenile Justice Reform Act), opioid prevention, treatment, and care (SUPPORT for Patients and Communities Act) and federal agency operations (the Foundations of Evidence-Based Policymaking Act).

To keep this bipartisan momentum going, RFA released the 2020 Playbook at the Results for America Summit: What Works to Advance Economic Mobility, a gathering of more than 250 federal, state and local policymakers and other results-driven leaders in Washington, D.C. The recommendations were highlighted during a bipartisan session that included leading campaign and policy experts Karen Finney, Kevin Madden, Bruce Reed and Jim Shelton.

See the Full Results of the National Poll 

“Increasing economic mobility is the challenge of our time, but government investments are clearly not expanding economic opportunity at the pace and scale our nation needs,” said Michele Jolin, CEO and Co-Founder of Results for America. “The 17 policy recommendations in this Playbook are designed to help the next President harness the power of evidence and data to identify, develop, support, and scale proven interventions to increase economic mobility more quickly and comprehensively for all.”

Read All 17 Recommendations in the 2020 Playbook 

Results for America is briefing presidential campaigns on the contents of the 2020 Playbook, and encouraging candidates to include all of these recommendations in their campaign proposals. While these ideas would work most effectively if implemented together, each of them can also be included as separate stand-alone proposals within any economic mobility, social services, or government reform plan put forth by a presidential campaign. 


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