December 10, 2015 Press Releases

Press Release: Results for America Statement on President Obama Signing Landmark Education Bill Into Law

WASHINGTON – Today, Results for America CEO and Co-Founder Michele Jolin, issued the following statement after President Obama signed the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) into law. The ESSA replaces the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act, the current iteration of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) and invests heavily in evidence-based solutions. The ESSA could help shift more than $2 billion in federal education funds, each year for the next four years, toward building and investing in what works so that students can succeed.

“President Obama’s signature today shows how supporting local solutions and investing in what works can and should be the new norm in Washington. By shifting more than $2 billion in federal education funds towards evidence-based policy provisions, the ESSA could give us better insight into what works for our nation’s students and is an example of what it looks like when government plays Moneyball.

“We commend the Obama Administration for its longstanding efforts and its leadership in making evidence-based policy a key priority in education and across the social sector. The President’s leadership was key to securing the evidence provisions in ESSA. We also thank Republican and Democratic leaders in Congress for working together to craft a bipartisan, bicameral solution to improving our nation’s schools. Lastly, we thank our Invest in What Works coalition for helping craft and support those solutions and for helping to carry them out in schools across the county.”

More information on the data, evidence and evaluation provisions of the ESSA can be found here.

About Results for America
Results for America (RFA) improves outcomes for young people, their families, and communities by shifting public resources toward evidence-based, results-driven solutions. RFA is working to achieve this goal by building a strong bipartisan “Invest in What Works” coalition; developing and advancing the next generation of evidence-based, results-driven practices, policies, and programs; and supporting leaders at all levels of government to invest in what works.

In November 2014, Results for America published Moneyball for Government, the national bestselling book that brings together a group of bipartisan leaders to make the case for government at all levels to inform policy and funding decisions by the best possible data, evidence and evaluation about what works.

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