October 18, 2013 Press Releases

New Campaign Calls on Government to Play Moneyball

Focusing on Data and Evidence Would Yield Better Results and More Effective Use of Tax Dollars; Bipartisan All-Stars Support “Moneyball for Government” Principles

Washington, DC – On the heels of the debt deal reached by Congress to re-open the government, Results for America, an initiative of America Achieves, launched a new campaign today called “Moneyball for Government” to encourage governments to use data and evidence when making spending decisions to help prevent future budget battles and get better results from government investments.

Just as Billy Beane, General Manager of the Oakland A’s, famously transformed baseball by ignoring old-school scouts and instead used data and statistics to build a championship contending team despite a limited budget, Moneyball for Government has the potential to transform the way governments at all levels make funding decisions.  Policymakers must rely on data and evidence — instead of gut feelings or special interests — when investing increasingly limited taxpayer dollars.

Moneyball for Government is launching with a team of bipartisan All-Stars who support the Moneyball for Government Principles, including New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, former directors of the Office of Management and Budget under Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, Jim Nussle and Peter Orzsag, as well as former directors of the White House Domestic Policy Council John Bridgeland (Bush) and Melody Barnes (Obama).



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