State Education Fellow

Tiffany Neill


Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Instruction, Oklahoma State Department of Education

Tiffany Neill serves as the Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction and the Director of Science and Engineering Education at the Oklahoma State Department of Education. She is also the President for the Council of State Science Supervisors, an organization comprised of state leaders for science education. Tiffany is the Co-Principle Investigator for the National Science Foundation Project, ACESSE, working directly with thirteen states to promote equity and coherence in state science education systems. In her role at the Oklahoma State Department of Education, she works to support districts and educators in aligning their curriculum and instruction to standards and supports thirteen curriculum directors in similar efforts with various disciplines. In addition to her work at the state and national level, Tiffany is also completing a Ph.D. in science curriculum and instruction at the University of Oklahoma.