Workforce Fellow

Tanya Pineda


Office of Workplace Equity, Personnel Department, Office of Mayor Garcetti, Los Angeles CA

Tanya is responsible for developing and measuring the impact of gender equity efforts across the City of Los Angeles workforce, helping departments develop innovative policies, programs, and initiatives to move the needle on gender equity. She recently led the City’s fourth round of gender equity action plans that cover 40 City departments and 50,000 employees. Each department is responsible for developing goals, putting them into effect, and tracking metrics for progress under Tanya’s guidance. Additionally, Tanya supported Los Angeles’ involvement as a founding city of the City Hub and Network for Gender Equality (CHANGE), an international network of cities committed to advancing gender equity. Tanya not only facilitated Los Angeles’ participation, but made meaningful contributions to the network’s charter that was developed alongside the other founding cities to support cities’ ability to collaborate effectively, share best practices, and demonstrate sustainable and data-driven results. Tanya also supported the City of Los Angeles’ efforts in launching its first Paid Parental Time-off pilot program for City employees. Prior to joining the City of Los Angeles, Tanya served as a Project Manager at various companies, many of which were women-led enterprises. As a native Angelena, she is passionate about creating sustainable change in Los Angeles. Through her work, she looks forward to contributing to the ongoing efforts of making Los Angeles a leading city for equity.