State Education Fellow

Seng-Dao Yang Keo


Director, School and Student Supports, Student Achievement Division, State of Nevada Department of Education

Seng-Dao Yang Keo is the Director of the Office of Student and School Supports at the Nevada Department of Education. In addition to leading teams that administer several large federal and state grant programs, she leads coordinated statewide school improvement initiatives for the lowest performing schools and the most underserved students, including students who come from low-income families, are English learners, are first generation graduates, and experience homelessness. Her experiences as a low-income, first-generation middle school graduate, and daughter of Hmong refugees have shaped her values and influenced her commitment to educational equity and excellence. Seng believes in the power and promise of education to transform lives and eradicate inequities—education transformed her life, helping her break the cycles of illiteracy and intergenerational poverty within her family. Seng has served as a math and student leadership teacher, teacher leader, and administrator at the middle school, high school, and university levels in impoverished communities within the United States and Southeast Asia. Prior to working in education, she worked as an investment banker in mergers and acquisitions. Seng earned a doctoral degree in Education Leadership and Ed.M. in Education Policy and Management from Harvard Graduate School of Education, a M.S.T. in education from Pace Graduate School, and an A.B. in economics from Harvard College.