Workforce Fellow

Kelly Folks


Director, Employment and Training Division, Colorado Department of Employment and Labor

Kelly Folks has over 25 years of experience working to develop programming specifically designed to serve the hardest to serve populations; of which the past 22 years has been in the Workforce Development System. Kelly is currently the Director of the Division of Employment and Training for the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment. Previous to that Kelly was the Director of the Arapahoe/Douglas Works! Workforce Board/Center for 5 years. Kelly is viewed as a local, regional, state and national leader within developing human capital throughout the system to ensure that an impact on economic vitality is achieved. Kelly has represented the State through technical assistance calls in system building and change in other States and throughout Colorado. Kelly is on the Executive team for the Rocky Mountain Workforce Development Association and is the Region 4 liaison for the National Association of Workforce Boards. She previously served as the Region 8 Board representative for the National Association of Workforce Development Professionals. Kelly worked in the non-profit sector for 5 years, where she focused on local community development initiatives and needs. She is a native Coloradoan and a graduate from Metropolitan State University.