Kaydrianne Young

Associate Director, Communication and Mobilization

Kaydrianne Young is the daughter of Jamaican immigrants proudly born and raised in Miami, FL. Through her work with the American Heart Association she passed legislation to finance increased investment in healthy foods across Black and Brown communities in Florida. Believing in both the power of good government and civic engagement, she championed progressive candidates up and down the ticket. With an understanding that environmental crises hit communities of color first and worst and that recovery is very discriminate, she staved off the worst assaults on environmental protections in recent history with the Sierra Club. Understanding the punitive generational impacts of mass incarceration she advanced pretrial justice and sentencing reform while at The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights. While at the Research Collaborative she built messaging alignment across the movement for a democracy that empowers all people. She joins Results for America energized to bring rigorous standards of excellence and equity to economic recovery efforts across America.