Workforce Fellow

Dr. Jennifer Wilson


Vice President, Indian Hills Community College

Dr. Jennifer Wilson is currently serving as the Vice President for Business Solutions at Indian Hills Community College. Jennifer started her career as a social worker, but found educating others to be her passion. Previously, Jennifer was the Director for Adult Literacy where she provided educational pathways to under-represented populations. She has also been an academic Dean for Arts and Sciences, the Director for Business and Workforce Education and an Executive Dean for Transfer and Workforce Education. In these roles Dr. Wilson continued to grow pathways in both transfer education and short-term training opportunities. Jennifer has shown leadership within the communities she lived by volunteering on various community and education improvement committees, serving on school board and the local workforce board, and working with state and federal legislators on various educational initiatives. Throughout her career in education, Dr. Wilson continues to drive workforce solutions to business and industry to ensure growth, vitality and betterment within the communities she represents.