Brittney Rose

Manager, Events and Communications

Brittney Rose (She/Her) joins Results for America as Manager, Events and Communication. Brittney developed a strong interest in humanitarian work and nonprofit management starting with her academic career. She received her Bachelor’s Degree at Stonehill College studying International Relations and Spanish. She had the opportunity to study abroad at Royal Holloway University of London. She continued her studies at Suffolk University completing a dual Masters Degree program in International Relations and Public Administration. She has many passions and has dedicated herself over the past 10+ years to nonprofit work experiences. She gained experience working for the Earthwatch Institute which offers citizen science experiences through the participation in scientific research expeditions around the world. Brittney had fulfilled a few professional positions at Earthwatch ultimately managing meetings/events for their Board and contributing to the planning of staff events. More recently Brittney was employed at a human rights organization called the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC) which partners with grassroots organizations around the world to advance human rights and social justice and dismantle systems of oppression. At UUSC, Brittney managed several high-level institutional events including UUSC’s presence and offerings at ¬†an annual General Assembly conference, UUSC’s annual Human Rights Leadership Award Celebration, Board meetings, partner site visits, as well as staff social/team-building events throughout the year to help build relationships and connections across departmental teams. Brittney is inspired by organizations who are mission-driven and align with her values. Brittney is drawn to Results for America’s mission and approach in helping decision and policy makers at all levels of our government recognize the power utilizing evidence and data can have on achieving impactful results to our world’s most pressing issues. She comes to RFA with excitement to be part of a team and mission that helps create such positive results for individuals, families, and communities across the US.

Brittney is based in Massachusetts and loves contemporary art, hip hop and latin dancing, cooking, visiting museums, traveling, & continuing to learn about African American and civil rights history. She loves all things 50s, vintage, Halloween, and Horror.