State Education Fellow

Brian Darrow

Rhode Island

Chief of Staff, Office of the Commissioner, Rhode Island Department of Education

Brian Darrow currently serves as the Chief of Staff at the Office of the Commissioner at the Rhode Island Department of Education. He served as the former Director of the Office of College and Career Readiness  where he ensured that every Rhode Island student, regardless of their zip code or age, has access to the quality educational school, program, and course opportunities that will best prepare each student for college, career, and lifelong success. Prior to joining RIDE, Brian worked in Louisiana in a variety of capacities, including the Executive Director of Portfolio for the Louisiana Department of Education, a director of finance and operations for a New Orleans charter school, and a high school math teacher. Brian graduated with a bachelors in business from Indiana University. He currently lives in Providence, RI, with his wife Emily, and their manly poodle, Charlie.