Local Government Fellow

Anjali Chainani

Philadelphia, PA

Former Director of Policy, City of Philadelphia, PA

As Director of Policy, Anjali worked closely with the executive team to forward the Administration’s priorities under Mayor James F. Kenney. Anjali coordinated policy development to ensure the success of important long-term investments such as Universal pre-K, community schools, and systemic improvements to parks, recreation centers and libraries. Anjali was instrumental in garnering support for Mayor Kenney’s first budget proposal, which introduced a new revenue source, the Sugar Sweetened Beverage Tax. In an effort to improve local quality of life outcomes through evidence based tools and tactics, Anjali spearheaded a citywide behavioral science initiative in partnership with academic institutions. Anjali also worked closely with City Council to sustain a shared agenda to improve the education, health and prosperity of children and families across the city of Philadelphia for years to come.