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Results for America has helped governments shift billions of dollars to more effective solutions that accelerate opportunity and improve lives.

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Results for America: 10 years of progress and impact

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We are helping government leaders make better decisions and faster progress through:

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Benchmark progress and build a roadmap to deliver better results

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Provide tools, training and other support to enact effective solutions


Build momentum for change by motivating and celebrating data-driven leaders

Working together with our network of bipartisan leaders and partners, we are helping to close racial gaps and expand opportunities for all.

“By partnering with policymakers at every level of government, Results for America has demonstrated what is possible when we work together – guided by the facts – to improve people’s lives.”

President Joe Biden

Case Studies

Racine’s High School Equivalency program

Since launching in Racine in Fall 2017, roughly 80 percent of students in the YWCA High School Equivalency Diploma (HSED) program have graduated and earned workforce readiness certificates. Over 400 students have successfully completed the program, positioning themselves for significantly higher quality employment.

Nevada: Evidence Champions in Education

The Nevada Department of Education seized the opportunity presented by the Every Student Succeeds Act to prioritize evidence to help improve Nevada public schools.

Guaranteed Income Program

A rigorous evaluation of Stockton, CA’s program - which provided monthly cash transfers to struggling residents - found that recipients were twice as likely as non-recipients to find full-time employment.

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