17 Ways the Next President Can Accelerate Economic Mobility Using Evidence and Data

2020 Playbook

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Government needs to harness the power of evidence and data to create stability and pathways for growth in every community in America. Although governments at all levels control the most important levers to accelerate upward mobility, they are clearly not using them fully to increase opportunity at the pace and scale our nation needs.


Results for America’s 2020 Playbook: 17 Ways the Next President Can Accelerate Economic Mobility Using Evidence and Data is a resource for presidential campaigns that includes 17 concrete policy proposals which the next Administration should implement to be able to use rigorous evidence and data to advance economic mobility across the country while also making the federal government more effective and efficient. 

Results for America urges presidential candidates to include all of these recommendations in their campaign proposals. While these ideas would work most effectively if implemented together, each of them can also be included as separate stand-alone proposals within any economic mobility, social services, or government reform plan put forth by a presidential campaign. 

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Results for America is briefing presidential campaigns on the contents of the 2020 Playbook and can help connect campaigns to leaders across the country who are on the cutting edge of using rigorous evidence and data to improve outcomes for communities. 

Jed Herrmann, Results for America’s Vice President for State and Federal Policy Implementation, can help answer any questions you may have about any of these recommendations or how they can be incorporated into your campaign’s policy agenda. You can contact Jed at [email protected].