State and Local Workforce Fellowship

RFA's Workforce Fellowship

Since 2014, RFA has supported the evidence-driven transformation of the public and social services sector through fellowship programs for state and local workforce leaders, state education leaders, city/county government leaders, and nonprofit chief executives.

In 2019 RFA launched a State and Local Workforce Fellowship to help data- and evidence-driven state and local government leaders make tangible progress in improving employment outcomes. Despite tremendous pressure and unprecedented need, Fellowship teams have made incredible progress throughout the pandemic, and the need for an equitable recovery, driven by data and evidence, continues. Fellowship teams’ accomplishments include advancing equitable outcomes-based procurement and grantmaking, implementing job quality initiatives, and achieving cultural change shifts toward evidence within government agencies and provider communities

In 2022 RFA launched two new, 12-month cohorts of the State and Local Workforce Fellowship, working on projects advancing job quality or implementing evidence-based workforce spending. This is the largest cohort in the fellowship's history, with representation from 60+ fellows across 11 states and the District of Columbia. 

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